Most tax firms can competently prepare a business or personal tax return. If you are looking for the lowest-cost provider to file your taxes, Nabeta is probably not the right firm for you. Besides, remember the old saying –“you get what you pay for.”

Clients turn to us for consultative business and personal tax advice that helps them better plan for the future, manage costs, improve efficiency, and achieve greater profitability.

We take a long-term view of the tax-planning process. We do not simply look at your current tax filings. We ask in-depth questions about your individual and personal plans to help you make better tax decisions today and in the future.


Specifically, we provide:

Form 1040 tax preparation
All 50 states tax preparation for residents and non residents
24 hour tax refund loans
10 day refund checks
Preparation of the most simple to more complex tax forms
IRS and State audit representation and assistance of tax problems and outstanding liabilties.


Accounting and Payroll Services


Nabeta accounting clients benefit from our friendly and experienced staff who provide guidance on how to grow and manage their business. Knowing that we have been in business for more than thirty years providing tax and accounting services to individuals and businesses will also make you feel assured that you are in good hands.

Here is some information you may need along with a schedule of tax liabilities you may be responsible for and their respective due dates:

  1. In order so that we may keep accurate accounting records we need you to provide to us with your bank statements and cancelled checks on a monthly basis. After we enter the bank information, we will mail these statements back to you. Ask us about direct billing so that you may save more time not having to mail us monthly billing amounts.

  2. If you are a business with sales tax liability, these amounts may need to be paid monthly or quarterly. These payments must be paid online and debited directly from your business account. The due date for this tax is before the 20th of each month.

  3. If you are a business with employees, we provide payroll services where we either provide you with net payroll amounts or we can give your employees computer generated checks. With payroll there are a few taxes for which you will be liable:

    1. Federal Payroll Taxes: Social Security/Medicare/Federal- to be paid either weekly, biweekly, monthly or annually. Payments are made online and directly debited from your business account. Payroll Reports are filed Quarterly via Form 941 or annually via Form 944.

    2. Federal Unemployment Taxes: Generally filed and paid annually online and reported via Form 940.

    3. State Gross Income Tax, Unemployment and Disability Taxes: Generally filed and paid online quarterly via Form NJ927 and Form WR30.

  4. Finally,depending on your type of organization annual business tax returns may berequired to be filed. Such tax returns may be Form 1120, Form 1065 or even your personal return may include a Schedule C. Please note that these returns are not included in the monthly accounting fee and will be charged an additional preparation fee.

In order to avoid Federal and State penalties you must provide our office with the necessary information on a timely fashion. While we strive to provide you with timely filings and up to date accounting information, ultimately the client is responsible for making sure all payments and filings have been made.

Specifically, we provide:

Preparation of Corporation, Partnership and LLC tax returns
In-house payroll services
Monthly bookkeeping services
Audit services for workers comp insurance
Tax resolutions for federal and state liabilities